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True Crime®: Hong Kong thrusts players into the role of undercover detective Wei Shen as he infiltrates one of the world’s largest and most dangerous gang  organizations – the Sun On Yee Triads of Hong Kong.  With orders to “do whatever it takes to become one of them,” players will engage in fast-paced martial arts combat, explosive gunfights, high-octane action driving, and acrobatic free-running chases as they navigate True Crime’s treacherous Hong Kong criminal underworld.


Inspired by classic Asian cinema style and Hollywood action thrillers, True Crime: Hong Kong’s story unfolds as Wei’s reputation and influence grows within the Triad organization, and he becomes deeply torn between the lines of right and wrong.  In order to keep his cover and continue ascending the gang’s ranks, Wei must balance the duality of his moral duty as a cop against the plethora of illegal activity he must commit, including theft, extortion, drug running, smuggling guns, shaking down informants, kidnapping, human trafficking and more.

To stay alive, Wei must think like them, fight like them, and kill like them…


  • UNDERCOVER COP STORY Wei Shen is not just another thug, but rather a highly trained, bad-ass undercover detective from Hong Kong’s Triad Bureau on a mission to topple one of the city’s biggest Triad organizations.  Gamers assume the role of Wei as he engages in a variety of illegal activity to keep his cover and rise through the Triad ranks, using his mastery of martial arts, devastating weaponry, fast driving, and on-foot agility to defeat anyone that stands between him and his objective.  Along the way, players will unlock countless ways to defeat rival thugs as they upgrade Wei’s vicious hand-to-hand combat skills and weapons arsenal.
  • OPEN-WORLD HONG KONGTrue Crime is the first open-world game set in an Asian city, providing a refreshingly new, exotic experience for the genre.  The historic, constant struggle between the Hong Kong Triads and HKPD provides the narrative backdrop for the game’s main story and various, branching side missions and open-world activities; and the East meets West paradox particular to Hong Kong will be experienced via a mix of eclectic architecture, bustling night markets, labyrinthine alleys and diverse neighborhoods; all set against a lush and vibrant palette of neon, lights and color, and an ambient soundscape and overall flavor unique to the city.
  • KICK…(DRAMATIC PAUSE)…ASS CINEMATIC ACTION! – Inspired by some of Hong Kong cinema and Hollywood’s greatest action flicks, True Crime’s on-foot mechanics provide a fluid, dynamic gameplay experience where players can seamlessly move between martial arts combat to ranged and melee weapons from any free-running state, providing a great deal of variety and freedom in how and where Wei kicks bad-guy ass!  The game’s deep hand-to-hand combat system features multiple combinations of strikes, grapples, counters, weapon disarms, melee weapon duels, and devastating environmental attacks and finishing moves, positioning Wei as a predator in a sea of prey.
  • REPUTATION IS EVERYTHINGTerm: Face; Definition: One’s outward, external projection of their social standing.  Hong Kong is a living, breathing world filled with people motivated by money, power, consumer consumption and respect.  True Crime features a pervasive social system, where Wei’s actions have real-time rewards and consequences, providing gamers with a rich and fascinating layer of authentic Hong Kong reality interweaved with the game’s undercover cop story.  Whether it’s the car Wei drives, the clothes he wears, the girls he dates, or the Triad activities he engages in, everything Wei does can alter the way his friends, enemies and strangers react toward him.  The game’s innovative “Face” system serves as the gateway for successfully navigating all that True Crime’s robust open-world Hong Kong sandbox has to offer, providing opportunities to interact with new characters, unlock additional story elements, and more.

  • WE’VE GOT TALENT True Crime takes players on a roller coaster ride through a vast, action packed open-world Hong Kong setting filled with intriguing characters and a fantastic array of music.  The game’s VO cast features a lineup of top Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema talent, including Tom Wilkinson, James Hong, Byron Mann, Dustin Nguyen, George Cheung and Sammo Hung to name a few, lending added authenticity to the versatile characters Wei encounters throughout True Crime’s intense storyline.  And because every criminal can only hope to get their ass beat to the hottest jams, the game features an original score created by award winning composer Bryan Tyler, and a soundtrack headlined by Grammy Award winning recording artist, producer and musician Pharrell Williams, with a robust mix of over 100 songs and additional celebrity DJ’s voicing True Crime: Hong Kong’s in-car radio stations.

Developer: United Front Games (UFG)

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Release Date: 2011

Platforms: Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and the PC.

SRP: $59.99 (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360), $49.99 (PC)

ESRB Rating: “RP” Rating Pending (Expected “M” Mature – content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older.)

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