Verizon iPhone, The Stage It Will Be Announced On

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If you believe all of the rumors that are surrounding a Verizon iPhone, and you are, the release should happen in the first half of the year. Also, you’re probably thinking, that just too vague. For now, that’s all we have to go on. However, that does not stop us from speculating on where the announcement will take place. Traditionally, all iPhone announcements happen at Apple’s Developer Conference – WWDC. Makes a lot of sense, right? Well, if you can remember, the iPad, which was a major game changing announcement, came last January. This would fall in line with the latest rumor of the Verizon iPhone coming around or before Valentine’s Day. Also, the Mobile World Congress is launching on Valentine’s day, which could provide another stage for Steve Jobs to deliver the much anticipated news.

Now we can’t forget about CES. While this would make sense for Verizon, it does not for Apple. Verizon will be showcasing their LTE network and devices, and unless the VZW iPhone will be LTE compatible, an announcement is highly unlikely. Heck, even if it was LTE compatible, Jobs still wouldn’t go for the shared stage.

So where does that leave us? We pretty much know that the iPad 2 will be announced in the 1st quarter of this year. Like many others, I’m thinking, and probably hoping, that Apple will call a press conference, and Steve Jobs will announce the GSM iPad 2. However, this time he announces “one more thing”, which will be either a separate CDMA iPad model, or that the GSM model will have a CDMA radio as well. But that’s not what you really care about, which bring us to Mr. Jobs next “one more thing”, the Verizon iPhone.

So tell us what you think! Will it happen at one of the conferences? Will it happen when the iPad 2 is announced? Whatever you think, let us know.

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