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Superhero/comic book games are not exactly a genre of gaming that is full of high quality titles and everyone from Spiderman to the X-Men has been the victim of some sort of video game abomination so when Batman: Arkham Asylum was released to critical acclaim it really was a game that finally delivered on the potential that the majority of superhero/comic books should have. A sequel was almost inevitable and it is going to have to be one hell of a game in order to better Batman: Arkham Asylum so let’s use our collective Detective Mode and see what is currently in store for us all.


A sequel for Batman: Arkham Asylum was almost inevitable

The gameplay formula that worked so well in the first game obviously returns in the new one and not only will players have all the gadgets that were obtained during the previous adventure available from the start but they will also have some new capabilities that they didn’t have before so players will have a slightly easier start (gadget wise) to the game than they did last time. Some new gadgets are introduced which have been revealed to be smoke bombs which Batman can use in order to sneak away, and a broadcast tracer device to locate signals and track them to their sources.

Detective Mode was very useful in Batman: Arkham Asylum but it did seem to me to be a feature that could be prone to a bit of overuse and the developers certainly seem to be thinking the same way as Rocksteady’s art director David Hugo stated that Detective Mode will now be an “augmented reality mode”. Their reason for this is that they had found that some players had completed the entire game with Detective Mode on (I couldn’t do this though as playing through the game constantly with THAT color change permanently on would drive me insane). I did feel that Detective Mode made the game a little too easy at times so the fact that it is being toned down can only work in Batman: Arkham City’s favor.


The inmates are running the asylum...again...sort of

There is rumoured to be a multiplayer mode as well but Rocksteady have been fairly quiet about what is to be. As far as the single player campaign, Batman will make his way around Arkham City to complete missions (no surprises there) but there is no longer just the main story missions as some new secondary missions will now be introduced to keep the player even more entertained. These missions will supposedly feature a number of key characters and their stories within the city so they are something to look forward to. When moving around Arkham City players can sneak around doing their best not to be seen and heard (players can still take out inmates/enemies if they really want but it is not required) but alas sometimes violence cannot be avoided and when it can’t be players will have the use of a new and improved combat system. So it looks like there is plenty to do in Arkham City but I haven’t even mentioned the plot yet. Let’s give you a little more info on why Arkham City exists.

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