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Hello and welcome to a new series of articles on ZKG in which will be telling you which games you should be looking forward to the most in 2011. The first game we have decided to feature is Portal 2, the sequel to Portal which originally found its way to us via The Orange Box in October 2007. Just in case you’ve managed to be living under a rock and have never heard of Portal, it was a superb game with a unique style of gameplay that impressed critics and gamers alike with a series of puzzles that were solved by teleporting your player’s character and various objects using the portal gun which was known as the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.


Hopefully no more delays will affect the release date of Portal 2

Despite being fairly short it was arguably one the most popular elements of The Orange Box and the humor in the game was brilliant which simply added to the enjoyment. With that said it was no surprise when rumors of a sequel began to surface and it is safe to say that we weren’t the only gamers with our fingers crossed in hopes of a sequel. On March 5th 2010, Valve announced that there was a sequel on the way in the shape of Portal 2 but despite being initially slated for a Q4 2010 release the game was delayed just as the original was and will now be out in April 2011. So what is there in the new game to interest you? Simply read on and I will explain.

We shall begin with plot of Portal 2. Although seemingly destroyed at the conclusion of Portal, GLaDOS is apparently “still alive” (see what they did there?!) and the player is still in control of Chell, the protagonist from the first game who has also survived after being dragged away by an unseen figure with a robotic voice and she has been placed in stasis. The game will again take place in the Aperture Science Labs, untouched by human hands but overrun by decay and nature. I think this plot will suit the game just fine and in fact the game may benefit from not over complicating the plot as sometimes this can spoil it for the player. With GLaDOS not being dead hopefully the brilliant humor that I mentioned earlier will still be in the game so let the deranged taunting Begin!

The addition of co-op play is a huge one for Portal 2

Co-op is introduced to the series in Portal 2 and it gets its own unique plot and setting along with two new characters who are a modified turret gun and a personality core respectively; both units are bipedal and equipped with their own portal guns. Co-op will add a new challenging twist to the gameplay as players will have to work together in order to solve puzzles (each player will have a different portal color schemes in order to tell them apart) but the test chambers are more difficult than the single player chambers so working with the other player really is necessary.

An increase in difficulty would be a good thing as at times I felt that the original Portal was a little too easy and I hope the single player campaign in Portal 2 is slightly more difficult (although not too difficult as the player will get frustrated after a while) because I think the more difficult the chambers and challenges, the more fun and satisfaction the player will get by beating them.

And so Portal 2 begins our look into our most anticipated games of 2011 here at ZKG and it is safe to say that this game has some huge potential (maybe even a very early shout for Game Of The Year?) but like most games we shouldn’t overhype just yet because people might start to form expectations that Portal 2 just simply can’t live up to. With that said, we think that it will build upon the foundations of the original Portal and is shaping up to be a fantastic game and a must buy for gamers with loads of gameplay in both the single and co-op campaigns.  Oh well, only 132 days to go until release…

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