GameStop And IGN Form “Partnership” For Game Information Dominance

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Possibly one of the biggest moments for the gaming industry thus far this year, Internet megasite and News Site’s own and retail conglomerate GameStophave formed a like-minded “partnership.” Considering the sheer size that both IGN and GameStop brings in monthly, with nearly 29 million unique visitors for IGN and another 7 million for GameStop. Merging traffic between unique page ads and a plethora of cross-linking, it’s the tip of the iceberg for the two companies.


Even more interesting, with the new partnership on the way, this means that IGN’s editorial market will open up and land on GameStop’s site and store, along with GameStop’s e-commerce and good, granting both sides a boost in revenue and respect. At the same time, this will cause issues: such as within the journalism world between GameStop’s Game Informer and their direct competition between IGN.

While nothing has been completely outlined, what consumers can expect within their local GameStop’s and online at will begin to see some grand changes in advertising, review and editorial content, and above-all… bonus and discounts. All of which is pinpointed to make sure each reader, player, and buyer is well informed and smart in his or her game decisions.

As more information develops, be sure to check back and see what happens

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