Hey Samsung, Forgot About That Android 2.2 Froyo Update … We Haven’t

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Before the bashing we’ll say this, Samsung and all of the carriers still have a couple of weeks before the year ends to update their Galaxy S devices in the U.S., which would be in line with what they’ve stated. Now we’ll say this, Come on with it already!

Android 2.2, and all of the Galaxy S devices, have been out far too long for this delay. It seems with every major Android device we have to ask the same questions: When will my phone be updated? How long until the update? and Have they forgotten? In return we get vague answers: By the end of the year, Sometime in Quarter Whenever

Considering how much Gingerbread (Android 2.3) reports are heating up, and the overall fast pace of Android updates, the Galaxy S owners should be frustrated. Frustrated that their device will be outdated even as it gets updated. Whether this is a delay with the U.S. carriers or Samsung is unknown. Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares! We just want the update!

Now it’s time to sound off! We know that you are fuming in anticipation for the Android 2.2 update! Tell us what you think should be done! Should Google step in and give update schedules for all devices running their mobile OS, Android? Should they wait and give the Galaxy S owners Gingerbread before all other Android devices? Whatever you think should happen, let us know!

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