Crazy Taxi (PSN) Review: You Might Want To Let This Taxi Go By

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The original Crazy Taxi was published by Sega more than a decade ago back in 1999. Now they have brought the game to PSN and even with some polish the game still feels dated.


When the game was originally released it was one of the very first Dreamcast titles and was meant to be more fun than anything while demonstrating what at the time were the Dreamcast’ awesome graphics. In today’s gaming environment Crazy Taxi just doesn’t measure up. Gamers tend not to worry so much about graphics on classics when the gameplay is solid but that is not the case here. The driving mechanics in the original were loose to say the least and that is still the case today. The cars feel like blocks to drive and that is putting it nicely; they slide around like wet soap on a tile floor and anyone who has ever had to try to scoop one of those up knows how unpleasant that can be.

As far as game modes go, they are limited. You can either play the console version or the arcade version. For those of you not familiar with the game, the goal of the game is to pick up passengers and to drop them off in a certain amount of time and if you do it fast enough they give you money. The faster you do this the more points you can rack up and based on your overall performance you are given different licenses. You can compete with your friends and see who can obtain the best licenses. That is about the jist of these game modes.


There is also a game mode called Crazy Box. In this mode your objective is to use your car to knock over pins, it’s like bowling except your taxi is the bowling ball. In another one of the game modes, it’s the same concept except this time you are out to pop ballons. These two modes are basically the same and neither is particularly interesting.

While you have the option to choose from several different drivers there isn’t any indication on whether these drivers have any real difference in skill or ability. Since you don’t get a manual with a PSN download, if I were you I would just pick the driver that looks the coolest to you. Besides picking up passengers and dropping them off there is no real objective and players have no way of telling if they are making any real progress in the game. The game doesn’t have any kind of semblance of a storyline, so your pretty much just driving around till you get bored and that won’t take long. One might even imagine that they could be randomly picking up passengers and dropping them off for the rest of their lives. This one won’t give you any indication otherwise.

It is a shame because Crazy Taxi was considered a Sega All Star at one point in time and was even a greatest hit on the PS2. In addition to that, it was considered players choice on the GameCube. This game is old. And it shows. Love it like you would your grandfather, because no matter what it’s still a classic.

ZoKnowsGaming gives Crazy Taxi a nostalgic 4 out of 10.

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Michelangelo Pereira

Michelangelo Pereira