Black Friday Breakdown – GameStop, Best Buy, and

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It’s that time of the year again, where friends, family, and loved ones break out of their cocooned- blankets at 3 AM, heading into the dark and cold abyss that is Black Friday for the best and brightest sales. For the latest in televisions, toasters, and gadgets, most try to get their holiday shopping done on this one glorious day of capitalistic shopping.

Yet what about the gamers? Where are the best game and game-friendly deals for the all-mighty dollar? During the course of the week, be ready for the “Black Friday Breakdown” where I’ll give you the best deals between the major retailers and map out your days one-by-one.

Today you’re looking at what you could call “The Big Three:” the six stores that have the resources and the ability to give you the greatest deal, while making sure more than the first thirty customers will make it.

Between the first three stores –, Best Buy, and GameStop – you won’t be left wondering where to go, or what to spend your money on.


Starting with the game-oriented store, the heads at cooperate office have deemed that everything has to be removed from the store, knocking back prices at least $20 on everything, and even giving some things away (such as World of Warcraft, which isn’t bad if you feel like you’re ready for Cataclysm)

  • 4GB Xbox 360 console bundle ($199) — includes a free copy ofMadden 11 or Medal of Honor
  • Buy any two used games or accessories, get one used game or accessory of equal or lesser value free
  • Wii console bundle ($199) — includes Wii SportsWii Sports Resort and Just Dance
  • Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Wii bundle ($199) — includesWii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • 160GB PS3 console bundle ($299) — includes God of War Collection and God of War III
  • Pre-owned Xbox 360 (classic) for $99.99
  • PSP-3000 Holiday bundle ($129) — includes LittleBigPlanet and The Karate Kid on UMD
  • inFamousKillzone 2Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time or Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for $14.99
  • Fallout: New Vegas (360), Fable 3 or Halo: Reach for $39.99

Best Buy

Not to be outdone, the next-door neighbor has their fancy threads on and are almost throwing game items to every person coming through the door. With titles like Def Jam Rapstar at $34.99 and Metal Gear Solid 4 only $4.99… you can’t deny what they are doing is nothing short of a stocking-stuffer miracle.


  • 160GB PS3 with LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, Cars Blu-Ray – $299.99
  • Red or Green DSi with Mario Party – $149.99
  • 4GB Xbox 360 with LEGO Star Wars Complete Sage, LEGO Batman, LEGO Indiana Jones 1 – $199.99
  • Wii (White or Black) with Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuck, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort – $169.99 [Doorbuster: limited supplies; stores up at 5AM]


  • 007 Blood Stone (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition (PS3, 360) – $29.99
  • The Beatles Rock Band (Wii, PS3, Xbox) – $16.99
  • Cooking Mama 2 Dinner With Friends (Nintendo DS) – $9.99
  • Def Jam Rapstar (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Fable III (Xbox) – $39.99
  • Fallout 3 (PS3, Xbox) – $9.99
  • Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, Xbox, PC) – $39.99
  • FIFA Soccer 11 (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Halo Reach (Xbox) – $39.99
  • inFamous (PS3) – $16.99
  • Madden 11 (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Mafia II (PS3, Xbox) – $29.99
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Wii) – $16.99
  • Medal Of Honor (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots Greatest Hits (PS3) – $9.99
  • EA Sports MMA (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe (PS3, Xbox) – $16.99
  • NCAA Football 11 (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • NHL 11 (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • NHL Slapshot Limited Edition With 2 Sticks (Wii) – $39.99
  • Ratchet & Clank Future Tools Of Destruction (PS3) – $16.99
  • Sims 3 (PS3, Xbox) – $34.99
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed (PS3) – $9.99
  • Tekken 6 (Xbox) – $9.99
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction (Xbox) – $16.99
  • WWE Smack Down Vs. Raw 2011 (Xbox) – $29.99

Of course, why leave your house when you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your blankets? understands and has set themselves to give you a little less effort.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for your planning) by the time of this writing, was still adding things to their list. With currently taking upwards of almost 30% off on things like Scribblenaughts and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, it’s hard to say what else will pop up, though all shipping will be ignored until the following week.

Stay tuned in for the next section, and you can always send and email/twitter message on the ideas or deals that you would prefer to head. The deals aren’t catered to you, but the shopping list can be.

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