Netflix Offers Streaming-only Package

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The video renting-and-streaming mogul Netflix today announced a new service where you can now forgo your outdated and cumbersome DVD’s and Blu-rays, keeping only to the streaming media for your computers and home consoles.

The new service, starting at $7.99, is aimed towards the potential members and current users that use their service solely for television series and just that. Given the expanded shows now available online, the Streaming-Only option is made to help make it easier for people to connect and enjoy what Netflix has to offer.

At the same time, those that still have the 1 or 2 DVD’s out at a time are going to see a $1 increase on their monthly bill, starting today as well. This is because of the changes in service and to improve service and to also combat against Hulu Plus – the $9.99 streaming and now DVD-shipping plan that is currently only for the PlayStation 3 console.

You can read the rest of the press release from Netflix here, along with a breakdown of the other updates in prices in case you receive more than 2 DVDs a month.

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