If Apple Releases The Next iPhone To All Carriers, Would Android Go Away?

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Two things to consider first: Steve Wozniak sort of proclaimed that Android will be the dominant smartphone platform by “becoming a lot like Windows”, and Mobile Mix has reported that last month Android had surpassed Apple’s iOS in ad revenue and has matched iOS as the Top Mobile Phone OS for the month of November (check out the image below). Let’s just face it, you can’t deny the success of the Android Platform. Google’s Andorid has quickly won over the hearts of many with access, availability, and whatever else you can think of. But could this all have been avoided?

Now we won’t tarry on the past. However, we can wonder if Steve Jobs next “one more thing” is, the iPhone is now available on all U.S. carriers! How would that affect the Android surge? Would the Android community have a great exodus? Or has Android, and Google for that matter, captured the hearts of many. Basically, Would Android Go Away?

You tell us! Did you purchase your Android device because Apple wasn’t available on your carrier? Or was it some other reason like, “It’s open!” Hit up the comments, vote in the poll, and let us know! You never know what Apple will announce next!

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