Gears of War Potentially Releasing Kinect-assessable Game?

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With Spike’s VGA’s slowly closing in, the rumor mill is spinning fast enough to cause a hurricane across the Atlantic Ocean. Sharing the stage with Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming announcement over his potential game release, Epic Games may be stealing a little of the spotlight.

Riding the success of Microsoft’s one million Kinect’s sold within the first week, gamers and consumers all have been wondering what the possible peripheral will pull out of it’s hat: staying in the realm of mediocre mini-games, casual gaming, or rhythm collections. Yet head of Epic, Cliff Blizinski, may be on scene to break ground on a possible Gears of War with Kinect-capabilites.

With no word yet from either Microsoft or Epic Games to clarify the news, all that’s been confirmed is that they will be using the VGA’s to announce new first-person shooters, some of which will be Kinect-capable. Not being able to confirm if it will be a new game, or a revamp of previous installments, but it will be a huge push for the Kinect.

So with the latest information, what do you think? Will this push you towards getting a Kinect, or do you think this is just a big publicity stunt towards selling product? Should it be Gears of War leading the FPS charge, or rather a new IP instead?

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