Manually Apply The OTA Droid Incredible Maintenance Update Now – Download & Instructions Available

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No matter how small or minor an update is, when you hear about it, you want it yesterday. For those HTC Droid Incredible owners who haven’t receive the latest software maintenance update, we’re sure you anxiously waiting on that notification to hit your device.

So if you don’t feel like waiting for the over-the-air update, you can update your phone manually today – as in right now. So head on down and check out the download link as well as the instructions.

HTC Droid Incredible Maintenance Update Download Link

Cheers To AndroidCentral For Instructions

  1. Make sure it’s named
  2. Copy it to the root (base directory) of your SD card.  Don’t put it in any folders, and don’t put it on the internal memory.
  3. Shut your phone off
  4. While holding the volume down button, turn the phone back on.
  5. In the white Bootloader screen, select recovery from the list.
  6. In the recovery screen (the triangle with exclamation mark), press volume up and power.  You’ll go to the recovery menu.
  7. In the recovery menu, select “apply”
  8. The phone will find the file, and when finished prompt you to reboot.  Reboot via the menu, then patiently wait for the phone to reboot, and enjoy.

A reminder that if you’re rooted, this’ll break it.

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