Get The Latest Swype Update, Registered Beta Users Only

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If you’re registered with Swype as a beta user, and you love it (we know you do), you’ll be excited to know that an update is now available. This update, which will be the 5th release for Android, will bring a lot of what we’ve asked for. Here’s some of what you can expect in this update:

  • Resolved accuracy issues that resulted for the last beta update
  • Support For Double-Tap-to-Edit – Swype choose a wrong word? Just tap the word twice to bring up the word choice window, pick the correct word, and the cursor will return to wherever it was before. It doesn’t get any simpler! See a video demonstration, and check out our other tips and tricks.
  • Added Voice-to-Text button for QWERTY layouts – You MUST have Google Voice Search pre-integrated in your ROM for this feature to work.
  • Less Hidden Word popups
  • Names from the address book will no longer muscle out all other words for top spot in the word-choice-window.
  • New Self-Updating Installer
    • The new installer will self-update when you launch it, if necessary, so you’ll NEVER have to uninstall and re-install the installer via our website. Just keep the installer on your device, and launch it periodically – If needed you’ll be given the option to update it with just a click.
    • We’ve converted the installation app from an “application” to a “service” so that the Android activity manager and other 3rd party task killers won’t end the install process prematurely. That means no more rebooting, swap file, or voodoo witchcraft required!
    • Sadly, you’ll still need to reinstall Swype after a firmware upgrade.

If you choose not to update early, just know that your current version will expire in January. Also, you will need to uninstall your current Swype Beta and SwypeInstaller before performing the update. Have fun and come back and let us know if you like the changes and additions.

Users with access to the beta can begin downloading the update immediately by pointing their device’s browser to

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