Rock Band Developer Harmonix Up For Sale From Viacom

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Multi-national corporation Viacom announced today that they would be relinquishing all holds on one of their best-known companies, Harmonix, in lieu of nearly $300 million in losses, classifying it as a “discontinued operation” during the last quarter. Creators of the intensely popular Rock Band and upcoming Dance Central franchises were picked up by the Viacom company in 2006 for $175 million, and within four short years, Viacom is throwing in the towel.

The blame for the decline in sales comes down to the lack of consumers wanting to buy expensive peripherals during a declining economy, along with games like Beatles: Rock Band. While the latest Dance Central has become one of the more popular Kinect titles at the launch of the Xbox 360’s release, it will still take time to see the revenue from that.

With the recent release of Rock Band 3, and the promise of Dance Central 2 on the way, the sale of Harmonix will not influence any upcoming DLC packages or other upkeep on the current projects. What will occur is the rampant swarm of potential buyers for the company.

That being said, which company do you think would be best suited for Harmonix style of gameplay? Considering EA’s recent trend of acquiring each property that could be beneficial to their overall monopoly, it could be the best bet. Then again, Activision could be the next idea, being that they have always been in direct competition. So as they say, “keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.” You can’t get any closer than having your rival IP in-house.

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