You Can Now Buy PS3 DLC Directly From Gamestop

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SCEA and GameStop  today unveiled their partnership to sell select downloadable content (DLC) offerings for the PS3 in-store and online. The content, also available for download using a PlayStation Network (PSN) account on PlayStation systems, can now be purchased at GameStop retail locations and will soon be available on I can’t say I think there is a whole lot of market for this, but even I have been wondering why you can’t buy PSN Plus subscriptions for people if you know their PSN ID.

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The downloadable content, including full PSN games and add-ons, as well as PlayStation Plus subscriptions, are currently available in select GameStop stores and will continue to be added to the PlayStation DLC section in more than 4,400 retail stores and throughout the rest of the month. With more than 1.25 billion pieces of content downloaded worldwide on PlayStation Network and more than 60 million registered PSN users, this newest initiative offers the robust PlayStation community the option of purchasing digital content through GameStop, the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer.

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