The PlayStation Moves’ Momentum, By The Numbers

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For those of you that didn’t already know how well the PlayStation Move was doing, Sony has decided to tell you. With the recent release of Microsoft’s Kinect to mixed reviews, this is no surprise that Sony is looking to try and sway more consumers their way. While we have a great little graphic that gives you all the details, we know that a few of you don’t really like eye charts so we broke it down for you. Here are some highlights about the PlayStation Move so far, the question is, Will it last?

PlayStation Move Fun Facts:

  • More than 60% of the people that said they are interested in buying the PlayStation Move already own a Wii
  • In the first 30 days since its release they have shipped more than 1 million units across North and Latin America
  • Since May, purchase intent for the PlayStation Move has more than doubled
  • Of the people who intend to purchase the PlayStation Move:
    • 30% are female
    • 25% are over the age of 35
    • 50% are parents
    • The average age of a PlayStation Move owner is 28
  • There will be 24 PlayStation Moves titles available this season with 15 more coming by the end of the Sony’s fiscal year

Ok folks, that’s enough of us doing the work for you, if you want the rest then you can check the graphic.

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