With So Many Apple iPad 2 Rumors, How Would You Change The iPad?

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IpadHey, you can’t deny the fact that the iPad has been and still is a major success for Apple and the entire tablet industry. Just ask the netbook! Honestly, pun intended. The fact that we are gearing up for the next iPad is mind-blowing, which has many wondering, What else can Apple squeeze into the iPad?

So we thought we would ask the question to you, How would you change the iPad? Do you want a camera on the iPad? Multiple cameras? We always assume that the popular answer is yes, but who really knows what you want. Should the next iPad come in a different size and/or multiple sizes? Is flash really an issue?

Whatever it may be, we want to know what you would do differently with the iPad if given the opportunity. You never know, maybe it will come in the next iPad – Apple iPad 2! So hit up the comments and poll, and let us know what you’re thinking. Take the gloves off!

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