Verizon Wireless To Offer Unlimited M2M, Texting, and Data Plans Very Soon, As Low As $69.99

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So yeah, you love your Verizon Wireless coverage and reliability. However, you love Sprint’s unlimited data package price. Up until now, you had to choose one or the other – and I think it’s safe to say that most chose VZW.

Well now it appears that the choice will become a bit easier for some, as Verizon Wireless has started distributing promo emails to select customers in select markets detailing a new unlimited M2M mobile-to-mobile), text, and data plan.  In the email, you’ll notice two different plans. Both will have unlimited texting, VZW M2M calling, and Unlimited Data. The only difference is Anytime minutes. Single lines, which will start at $69.99, will have 450 Anytime minutes, and the Family SharePlans, which will start at $139.99, will have 1400 Anytime Minutes.

We are sure that any and possibly all Verizon customers will love these new plans. With that said, Verizon should possibly be releasing this to the masses very soon. But we can’t be sure! So head on down and check out the emails and let us know what you think! Do you like the possible change? BTW, the source link is right beneath the image. There may be something of interest there for those who have questions!

VZW Source Email

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