Facebook Announced A More Involved Mobile Platform, Facebook Phone “Novel Idea, But… No”

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Facebook has made several announcements today regarding its mobile platform. For those anticipating a Facebook phone, Mark Zuckerberg place that to rest, stating that it’s a “novel idea, but no.”

Check out some of the platform announcements made today by several of Facebook’s developers, as well as individuals from companies that will be taking advantage of these new features:

  • Single Sign-On, which will allow users to login once for mobile apps, once you’re logged in, you’re in, no more multi-logins needed
  • Location API’s, which will allow other mobile apps to access location services in Facebook
  • Deals Platform, which will allow local business to use your location to offer deals

For Android users, Single Sign-On is available now. For Apple users, the iOS version will be available next week. So are you excited about this? Or were you wishing for a Facebook phone? Hit up the comments and let us know.

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