Those Boards Don’t Work On Water! – Logitech Announces Solar-Powered Keyboard

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This keyboard is both neat and ironically humorous to me at the same time.  Stereotypes regarding nerds and the light and all.

For now though, know that Logitech’s working on doing away with batteries you have to replace or rip out, recharge, and shove back in.So, meet their new solar-powered wireless keyboard.  The K750 is a few steps above that old Casio solar-powered calculator that might be hiding in one of your drawers somewhere.  Normally, I’d be wary of such things due to the nature of our largely fluorescent existence in Cubicle Land.  But this shiny new keyboard can be powered by indoor light so you won’t have to brave those harsh radiation waves from our sun to give input to your computer.

There will even be an application available for download Nov. 15th that will include a lux meter to help you determine the optimal placement for soaking up the most power granting light waves (or particles, depending on your school of thought).

It will also stay charged for at least three months in total darkness and includes all the other niceties Logitech’s been bringing to their other peripherals for a while now (unified wireless receiver, comfort-minded keys, slim design, etc.)

So, if you’re one of those nerds who aren’t afraid of the light and aren’t stuck in a dungeon looking for your red Swingline (and you hate having to replace batteries), you could do worse than to check out this new keyboard.  It’ll retail for $79.99 this November.

For more details, head to Logitech’s site and check it out!

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