Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile: Faster, Super Lightweight, With Windows 7 Starter OS … Surely Not

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We’re a little confused over here. Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Tab will be coming to T-Mobile. However, this appears to be a completely different device. This beastly machine is faster than the other carriers Tablet, has a larger screen size, weighs much to nothing, and has a different OS.

This Galaxy Tab is actually 10-inches, has a 1.66 GHz processor, and here is the weirdest bit of information – it’s running Microsoft’s Windows 7 Starter Edition. All off this light equipment fits in the Tab and comes up to only 0.8 ounces. No typos on our part.

Is this real? Could it just be a mistake on T-Mobile’s part? We definitely think so! For the full spec sheet on what we’re seeing, check out the image and source link below. We’re in line waiting for this NOW! Maybe it only costs $0.99 …hmmm.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab

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