Apple Removes White iPhone 4 From Website, Cancellation Rumors Linger

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Yesterday we all found out that Apple would be delaying the launch/release of the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011. Immediately after that, rumors began surfacing that the white iPhone 4 would be canceled altogether.

Today, in a sudden and probably sad revelation to many, Apple has removed the white iPhone 4 from their website. All you’ll see is the image above. As BGR reports, “No more placeholder with a “not available sign”, nada.”

Could this be a sign that they have scrapped plans for a white iPhone 4, instead to deliver on-time a white iPhone 5? Let’s be honest, depending on when it would have launched in Sprng of 2011, it could have been close to the release of the next iPhone.

So what do you think enthusiasts? Did Apple scrap the white iPhone 4? Hit up our comments and let the world know what you think?

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