One Million PlayStation Moves Sold In 30 Days, Can Microsoft’s Kinect Beat That?

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Well take that Microsoft. In 30 days Sony’s PlayStation Move has sold over a million units seemingly proving that folks kinda dig this motion stuff. I recently bought one myself and have to admit I like it and would buy it again in a heartbeat, it is definitely $99 well spent and once more games come out for it, it will be even more awesome. Anyway, check the details below.

Sony announced today that it has shipped over one million units of its highly anticipated PlayStation Move in North and Latin America in the first 30 days of availability.

With 24 titles currently available that take advantage of PlayStation Move functionality and a line up that includes:

  • EyePet
  • The Fight: Lights Out
  • Heavy Rain
  • Killzone® 3,
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • MAG
  • High Velocity Bowling
  • Start the Party!
  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Capcom)
  • Sports Champions
  • The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.)
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 (Electronic Arts Inc.)

PlayStation Move has games for all demographics and types of gamers. In addition, 15 additional Move enabled titles are slated to launch by SCEAs fiscal year including SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and PlayStation Move Heroes.

For those consumers who already own a PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Move Bundle – at $99.99 (SRP) – is the perfect choice. The PlayStation Move Bundle includes a PlayStation Eye, one PlayStation Move motion controller, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc, and a PlayStation Move game demo disc and is the easiest way for current PS3 system owners to start experiencing PlayStation Move. For consumers who don’t yet own a PS3 system, the PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle for $399.99 is ideal, including all of the above, as well as a 320GB HDD model PS3 system. For those who already own PS3 and PlayStation Eye camera, motion controllers will retail separately for $49.99 and the optional navigation controller will retail for $29.99.

All we are wondering is, why don’t you have on yet?

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