Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Is Brighter Than A Thousands Suns

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If you’re like me and have already played through every track of the latest Guitar Hero, and are needing a little audio boost, then Activision is making sure you are not without. With their latest DLC song pack, giving you six tracks off of Linkin Park’s latest album A Thousand Suns, you’ll have more than enough music to strum your cords at.

Letting you choose between six different tracks, the songs range from rock metal, to acoustic and their latest hit, The Catalyst. Some of the songs may not meet your rock-requirements, and that’s understandable, so you can always pick-and-choose. Take a look at the list and video below for an idea of what you may want, and decide if you want to spend the $11.99 (or 980 Microsoft points) for the pack, or $1.99 (or 160 Microsoft  points).

· “Blackout”

· “Burning In The Skies”

· “The Catalyst”

· “The Messenger”

· “Waiting For The End”

· “Wretches And Kings”

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