Tuesday’s Release Corner: DJ’s, Robots, and Martial Artists, Oh My!

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With every week, we always have something else to look forward too. With last weeks showing of just Medal of Honor (which is reporting over 1.5 million copies sold I might add…), this week is packed so full, not even a midget clown with an umbrella could fit into that car. So grab your headphones, set yourself up with some ammo, make sure you got enough bandages, because this week, you’ll need all of it.

Knowing what you want to play is the real challenge, and a hearty one at that. Choosing between action or rhythm, new or sequential, all of it boils down to “what will look best in my living room.” Well, that and what actually has the right kind of gameplay we all crave for: the kind that works. Our first one… doesn’t disappoint:

Fallout: New Vegas
Developed by:
Published by: Bethesda
Stepping back out into the wasteland is one thing, but to find a thriving and non-radioactive city in the middle of the desert is entirely another. Putting you right where you left off in Fallout 3, the game gives you the same chances of relentless fanatics, sidequestes, and a storyline that will certainly keep you going from start to end.

EA Sports MMA
Developed by: EA
Published by: EA
If it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you’re going to get in EA Sports latest game, putting you right in the metal Octagon and allowing you to either start a fighter from scratch, or set our as a fan-favorite. With customization set for clothing, style, person, and trousers, the realism has been notched up, so you can kick it right back down on the mat.


Developed by: Platinum Games
Published by: SEGA
As much as I have made fun of this futuristic war-machine, Vanquish is turning out to be the game of SEGA’s old days, placing you in the armored boots of a grizzled, no-holds-barge kind of solider, you’re faced with an assortment of oddities and creeps as you shoot, blast, kick, and punch your way to saving the free world.

DJ Hero 2
Developed by: FreeStyle Games
Published by: Activision
A big one in mine and many hearts, the sequel to the surprisingly upstart rhythm games somes spinning out of the pin, and into your living room today. Bolstering an impressive 85-track list from the start, the graphics, control, and game enhancements are promising to make this one of the better (if not best) rhythm games to come out this year.

SBK X: Superbike World Championship
Developed by:
Published by: Deep Silver
In a world dominated by four-wheeled machines, at least you know someone is looking out for the minority. Giving you the ability to put yourself right into the middle of the rally for first, the only issue you’re going to face is the monotony of going around the same track… over and over again. While nothing ever changes, at least you know you can turn on the engine and pop a wheelie.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Developed by:

Published by: Namco Bandi

All anime and manga jokes aside, the newest installment from the Naruto franchise goes a little out of their territory, trying to give a little more to the player and fully emerse them in the character’s fighting styles, and plant them right in the genre. Taking cues from the games in the Dragonball Z franchise, it’s looking like they have worked a little magic in at least how they operate… hopefully.

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