The Definitive #follow friday List: The Playstation Network

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In today’s modern world a network is essential. And, being that this is a modern website we are hip to that fact. While all of us are not connected, we can all agree that we should be connecting. This is the internet after all. Its beauty is the point and click simplicity that it brings to our lives. At any moment, anyone is just a click away. If you are a reader of the Official PlayStation Blog, no doubt you will be familiar with the list below. If not then you have some following to do my friends.

playstation 3 game console

#follow friday is a day when people like you and I recommend interesting people to follow on twitter. For PlayStation enthusiasts, the following list has been compiled by the folks over at PlayStation themselves. It includes everything from PlayStation insiders to industry luminaries. It is all compiled here for you to take advantage of. You never know what you will learn. Of course if you are not following @ZoKnowsGaming that’s something you definitely need in your life. And now that list we mentioned.


Developers, Publishing Partners, and Gaming Figures

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