Best Buy’s Special This Holiday Season – Four New Exclusive Smart Phones Now Available

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There’s no shortage of smart phones on the market.

And now, Best Buy has some new ones for the mix.  Four new smartphones are now available exclusively at the stores around the country.  More details after the break.On AT&T’s network, Best Buy’s mobile division is offering the white Sony Xperia X10 with the Essential Taylor Swift Experience, the Dell Streak with its 5″ screen, and the HTC Surround with Windows Phone 7.  For Verizon, they are offering the white Samsung Fascinate.

The Xperia will retail for $99, the Android-based Dell Streak for $299.99, the HTC Surround for $199, and the Samsung Fascinate for $149.99.  All prices are with a two-year activation and the devices will be available October 24th except for the HTC Surround, which will be available November 8th.

Check ’em out on or in any of their stores nationwide.

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