Dead Space Ignition Comes Screaming Free For Pre-orders

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Do you ever feel like you were missing something in the storyline behind Dead Space, and feel like you need a little bit of a refresher? Or perhaps fill in those gaps that were left ou between the first and upcoming Dead Space 2? Players that pre-ordered the upcoming Dead Space 2 will get a free downloadable Dead Space Ignition, a game that will give a preview of the events that happened both before and after the games.


Buyers will be glad to know that Ignition will come with a plethora of mini-gams, both set up to give you a little dose of something new, while filling in the gory details in wonderful 2-D.Take a peek at the video below and see what you’re in for, along with an additional bonus of having an extral suit to come into the next game. Remember, even if you haven’t pre-ordered, you can still buy the game a week later, on October 12th for $5.99

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