Breaking: Dota 2 Announced Out of Valve’s Camp [UPDATE]

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“A massive sequel for one of the most played games in the world,” Dota 2 was announced today, coming from the same guys that refuse to divulge information until everyone is biting at the bit. Currently, the only things that are absolute are that the game will be released in 2011, and it will be for the Mac and PC.

It’s interesting that the game – which has had immense prowess overseas, especially during the early days of Valve – is even being released after slight legal snafus. After Valve filed for the rights to the “DotA” (the name of the original series), one of the lead developers from the original – Steve “Pendragon” Mescon – that was working on a new project at Riot Games, took slight issue and surprise, being quoted by saying, “it goes against what [he] and others believe DotA means to the community.”

It was around that time that Riot Games couter-filed for the name, to try and “perserve what the game meant to the fans and the original creators.” Of course, after a long and obviously winning battle, Valve came out on top, to taunt and tease.


As soon as I posted this, some more information from GameInformer came over to me, letting me get it over it you.

Taking a leap to help the avid and amateur RTS player, Valve is updating their Steamworks engine to push the boundaries of what can and cannot happen in the course of the game. To help move along and grant incentives to beginner and veterans alike, there will be the ability to point out different strategies and items for use. You’ll then be able to write up, edit, or show strategy guides for players and get rewarded on it.

Gameplay aside, there will still be only one map, yet different match types that will give you a chance to try out what you need to. Playing solo will remove the ability of AI, but will be allowed online if a player drops out, of if you need someone to fill in the blanks. You’ll also be able to knock out your own creeps, stopping enemies from gaining XP from your benefit.

And considering that it’s been years since the previous installment, graphics and character details are getting a facelift, along with the voice talent. Now you will get the chance to hear the characters speaking towards each other, instead of the catchy one-liners that we are all so accustomed to.

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