Evel Knievel Should’ve Played Video Games – Square Enix Awards Winner Of Just Cause 2 Stunt Challenge

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Back in March of this year, Square Enix issued a challenge to gamers, offering a $10,000 prize for the best stunt to be performed in Just Cause 2, published by Eidos.


And, for one fortunate Minnesotan – Daniel Steinberg – his stunt stood above the rest.On October 6th, the resident of Saint Louis Park was awarded the $10,000 prize.  Below is Daniel being presented the coveted giant check.

The videos had to meet certain criteria and were judged on difficulty, originality, and creativity.  They could be no longer than 2 minutes and had to use the grappling hook, parachute, and at least one vehicle.  They also had to have an explosion and – the clencher – Rico has to survive to the end of the video.

Daniel’s stunt – titled “Casino Fly-Thru” – had him handling a subsonic jet while negotiating the Casino walkway, going under a bridge, taking a blind leap, and finishing off with a plane crash and a rocket fest.  The judges thought his stood above the rest and now he’s $10,000 richer. Check his winning video below.

[flashvideo file=http://zoknowsgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/flv/jc2casinoflythrough.flv /]

Not bad for a violent video game, eh?  To see the runner-up videos, head on over to Just Cause 2’s YouTube page.

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