DJ Hero 2 Dishes Out The Pre-order Deals

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Just like with it’s predecessor, DJ Hero 2 is offering players some serious bonus content for their pre-order potential. Originally, Gamestop had the primary deal, offering this fancy Puma endorsed shoulder bag to keep your turntable warm, and anything else you may be able to shove in there. But, not to be outdone, the rest of the conglomerates have joined into the fray, and are offering some other fancy things to keep you entertained

Spreading its spinning wings to Wal-Mart, Best Buy,, and to bring you the most ecletic assortment of choices for your DJ experience. Although each one has their own flavors and brands, all of them are worth your time and early spending.

If you head over to and take a look at their wares, ordering from the online vendor grants you two MP3 downloads from Deadmau5 and Kaskade. With exclusive remixes of “I Remember” and “Move for Me” – straight from the game, it;s not a bad pull.

Meanwhile, Best Buy has the Turntable Bundles again, sporting the carrying case that doubles as a turntable stand as well. The trick is however, that it’s only for a limited time, and for as long as supplies last. Although whoever buys the game at Best Buy will still get an unlockable Deadmau5 character, just for being good sports.

Wal-Mart however, is pushing the envelope, with offering a free copy of the first DJ Hero, if you buy the Party Bundle. It’s only while supplies last, but that grants you nearly 200 songs to scratch, warp, and spin your way through.

Though more of a surprise than anything, Deadmau5 and the people over at EMI are thowing a little contest of their own of you order from Sporting goodies like wristbands, hats, shirts and Deadnau5 entertainment collectibles, you’re also entered into a drawing to get a flyaway trip to somewhere magical with the big-mouse headed man himself to play DJ Hero 2.

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