Verizon Wireless QWERTY Droids: Droid 2 Global/Droid Pro Vs. HTC Merge/Lexikon

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As the rumors pour in, so will the speculation. So let’s take it to the QWERTY devices at Verizon Wireless – rumored that is. While most users are intent on using pure touch screen devices, there are still a large number of consumers that currently prefer and will always prefer a physical keyboard. So enter the Droid 2 Global and the HTC Merge. These two devices have been rumored for a while and they have several names – Droid Pro and Droid World Edition (Droid 2 Global) and the HTC Lexikon/HTC Lexicon (HTC Merge). While both appear to be promising devices, which will be the one consumers flock to? With rumored launch dates around late October and early November for both devices, it’ll be interesting to see which QWERTY smartphone takes the VZW throne. Head on down for a match-up of specs on both devices.

After looking at the specs, which device do you think will be better? Will it come down to a manufacturer preference? HTC Sense or MotoBlur? Then again it may come down to which phone looks better (check out the gallery below). Either way, we want to know what you think! Hit up our comments and vote in the poll!

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