Dr. Dre Teams Up With Lebron James, Brings Us “PowerBeats”

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The market has no shortage of expensive sound equipment to shove into or onto your ears.

The Beats headphones/earbuds by Dr. Dre are no exception.  But, having listened to them, they might be worth the price. I’m generally wary of hardware that’s made super expensive just by the label that’s on it.  Bose, Apple, etc. always have a premium on them for the brand.  But those are also examples were the quality is generally higher, as well.  I was skeptical when I put on a pair of the Beats headphones in a Best Buy one day, but they sounded pretty damned good, to be honest.  And that’s despite the exorbitant prices Monster tends to charge for their often over-hyped products.

Now, Dr. Dre has some new PowerBeats earbuds out after having teamed up with Lebron James to implement some of his personal design characteristics.  I haven’t been able to listen to music on these personally, but their design appears…sound.

These new earbuds are meant for the active individual, intending to deliver great sound while hotfooting it around.  You can check ’em out in Best Buy stores come mid-October or online.  They’ll run for $169.95.

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