Google Car Home App Still Available, Download Now

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Earlier, there was excitement about the updated Google Car Home app that hit the market. That was short-lived, as Google pulled the application off the open market. However, if you still would like to have this app on your phone, we have it available (courtesy of Droid-Life). So for those who can’t wait, follow the instructions below:

Download:  Google Car home (alt link)

*Should act as an upgrade to DROID 1 car app.

*Installed just fine on DROID 2 and X. (Droid Incredible also)

*Should work on any phone that is using a semi-custom Car Navigation app.


1.  Download the file from above to your phone.
2.  When it finishes downloading, tap to “Install” it.
3.  Once installed, head to home screen with space on it.
4.  Hit Menu>Add>Shortcuts>Activities  (you need LauncherPro installed).
5.  In Activities, scroll down to Car Home and tap on it.
6.  Now select “Car Home –”.
7.  You will now have a shortcut to the app on your homescreen.

Once you get this up and running on your device, hit up the comments and let us know what you think about the updates and changes!

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