Blackberry 9570 Storm 3 Canceled For Verizon

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Blackberry 9570, or as we love to call it – the Storm 3, will not be launch on Verizon Wireless. This comes courtesy of Engadget, who have received from multiple sources, a long list of developments planned for Verizon Wireless in the upcoming quarters. Now before you break out in a sweat “Storm Lovers”, this has not been confirmed by either Verizon or RIM. But what if it is true?

When you take a closer at the upcoming Storm device, you really walk away feeling less than enthused. Basically, it’s a “refreshed Storm 2″, with a minor upgrades and a new unproven OS. Could this be why Verizon Wireless is siding against the launch? Could it be RIM’s way of launching one of their most popular device on another carrier? According to the source, while not definite, RIM could release the BB Storm 3 on another carrier – say Sprint!

So how do you feel? Do you Verizon loyalist want to see the Storm end  it’s journey? Would you go to another carrier for the device? And for everyone else, would you like to see the Storm come to AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile? Hit up our comments and let us know! Again, this is a rumor, but we can surely make sense out of it!

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