Shaun White’s Skateboarding Shapes The World

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A thing about most skating and snowboarding games, is that the player is completely limited by the surroundings of the level. Sure the design can be as intricate or as off the wall as a developer can devise, and things like a level creator can give a bit more depth, but in the end: what you see is what you get. Yet what Shaun White Skateboarding has done is given a unique outlook on creativity and control to the player.

Giving the power to the player, whenever you land a trick or move, you will literally be able to shape how the world forms around your. 50/50 grind off a poll in time square? Turn that into creating a building into a new vert-ramp. The more you move and more you are able to string together, the bigger and better the world will turn around you. The best part is: not every time will be different.

Taking a look at the video shows the different possibilities that the team has tried to put together, and with the Flying Tomato himself stepping in to give them a look at how the bodies should really interact. Judging on the video, the game has potential to turn heads, and make changes in the industry.


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