DJ Hero 2 Gives The Turntable Power Back To The Player

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A huge part about mixing music, be it digitally or organically with your turntable, is being able to feel the beats and rhythms. While most rhythm games have been great at giving players a uniform way to get a taste of a life that they may not have access to otherwise. Be it the rocker, the drummer, or in DJ Hero 2’s case, the next big spinner. But where the first game gave you a taste of what it was like, the second edition lets you mix it up in complete freestyle.


Giving you the option of going through Freestyle Mode, players will be able to do literally whatever they want with the fading, scratching, and sampling, while the game handles the beats. Giving the player the ultimate chance to feel like a real DJ…while still staying in the comfort of your own home, the video attached speaks for itself.


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