Want To Survive The WWE Universe In Smackdown Vs Raw 2011, Here’s What You Need To Know

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WWE Universe is a new game  mode that merges new features with popular aspects from past games, such as Career Mode, Exhibition Mode, My WWE and Title Matches, to deliver a dynamic new experience. This year, the game will track all playing habits and automatically generate a customized WWE world for each player focused on an individualized gaming experience filled with unexpected twists and turns just like in real life.


In addition to being able to quickly turn WWE Universe on or off at any time via the Right Stick, the WWE Universe Menu can be accessed through WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011’s Main Menu. From here, the player can view and customize everything that’s going on in his or her Universe.

What Happens In The WWE Universe?

WWE Universe will constantly be working to recreate an authentic WWE calendar, automatically setting up matches to play or simulate at the player’s leisure. The game will dynamically react to decisions and outcomes during gameplay, and as a result, generate future matchups between allies, rivals and contenders. Players can then take control of any WWE Superstar or WWE Diva, play with friends or easily replace any of the matches on card at any time with a Custom Match. The top 10 contenders for each title from Raw and SmackDown will also be ranked in championship ladders for player, AI-controlled Superstars and created Superstars to climb. In addition, players can customize the game to their unique vision at any time by changing brands, championships, abilities, rivalries and tag teams of every WWE Superstar and WWE Diva on the roster. Alternatively, players can just kick back, play a match and watch the Universe automatically update itself.


The Miz Takes To The Air

Cutscenes Like You Have Never Experienced Before

A multitude of story-driven, spontaneous cinematics will constantly trigger around the action during matches based on the current standing of the WWE Superstars and WWE Divas in the Universe. For example, if the player had selected John Cena and really pummeled The Miz in a match, it is possible The Miz may seek out some revenge with a sneak attack during Cena’s next trip to the ring. He could also lay out Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale or buy a front row ticket to get a closer look at his opponent. Being attacked during an entrance, having a guest commentator present, being abandoned by a tag team partner and post-match beatdowns are just a few of the unpredictable events players can encounter in the Universe. In fact, there are more than 100 brand new cut scenes that players will see exclusively WWE Universe, each one affecting Superstar relationships and continually evolving the gameplay experience.


Remember, WWE Universe is always watching and reacting to the player’s every move, so be smart about your actions because they just might come back to bite you.

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