Details On RIM’s Blackberry Storm 9570 … Maybe Storm 3

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Since it appears we will have another Blackberry Storm device, let’s talk about it for just a bit. The Blackberry Storm 9570 looks pretty much identical to the Storm 2 (check out the gallery below). The device will run RIM’s latest operating system – OS 6. The Storm 9570 will not be any thinner than the current Storm. RAM will increase to 512 MB, along with a processor of either 624mHz or 528mHz. Given those two increases and the newer operating system, battery life should become substantially better, which is probably why RIM has opted to use the same battery from the Storm 2, the DX-1.

We can’t say for sure that this will be the BB Storm 3. These are still rumors until RIM confirms. Some think of it as only a refreshed version of the Storm 2. Either way, do you think you will pick one up? Hit up the comments and let us know! Also, check out the gallery for images of the Storm 9570!

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