Apple’s 7-Inch iPad “It’s A Finished Product”?

Share And Comment is reporting that Apple has a finished product in what will be one of Apple’s next jewels – the 7-inch Apple iPad. This comes courtesy of “ears to the ground” in Shenzhen, which is where one of Foxconn’s Campus – Apple’s manufacturer of iPhones and iPads, is located. According to the report, “the final design will in fact bear more resemblance to the iPhone 4 stylings than the original iPad design.”

Will this rumor come to fruition? Could Apple be prepping for a holiday release with the smaller device? Will it have cameras to support Facetime? Will it make calls like the Samsung Galaxy Tab? To all those questions, “We sure hope it does!” Apple’s proven to be pretty good at what they do, so let’s just sit back and wait on Steve Job’s announcement! BTW, are you interested in a 7-Inch iPad?

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