Worms: Battle Islands announced For PSP

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Worms, the iconic franchise from Team17 has a new addition to the series in the shape of Worms: Battle Islands as a digital download title for the PSP from the PSN this winter. This title boasts several new features that are all-new to the series; including a new gamestyle being the multi-player focused Tactics Mode. In Tactics Mode, the player takes control of their very own Secret Island Base made up of many different islands, each island imparting a tactical advantage for the player to use at the beginning of a game.

The Worms series has been going on for over 15 years

Key Features:

• All new multi-player Tactics Mode, coupled with the player’s secret island base feature.
• New player ranking system awards the player with experience points; higher ranked players gain access to more of the game’s locked items.
• The utilities ‘Flare’ and ‘E.M.P. Grenade’ appear only in Worms: Battle Islands.
• The only 2D version of Worms to feature the ability to design and create Custom Weapons.
• Brand new in-game environments not previously featured in a Worms title.
• Appearance of a player’s team is customisable to a higher degree than any other 2D Worms game, with new items including masks, backpacks and customisable power-bars.
• Fresh presentation theme with all menus seemingly taking place within the player’s secret island base, and all operations handled by the player’s own four-worm strong team of staff.
• PSP exclusive – an exclusive ‘Time Attack’ mode, comprised of ten individual time-based single-player challenges.

Martyn Brown, Business Development Director at Team17, says; “Battle Islands is a fantastic PSP title that is packed to the rafters with features and content, easily the most feature-rich portable edition of the game to date. We know fans have been waiting a while for this and so it’s a pleasure to finally confirm its forthcoming release.”

There is a comprehensive weapons editor which is a first for the 2D Worms series

Another first in the world of 2D Worms is a comprehensive weapons editor. Create your ideal Worms weapon, tweak and tune with a multitude of adjustable elements and then take it to the battlefield to lay waste to the opposition. Melee weapons, grenades, missile weapons and airstrikes are all available to create, meaning that each player has the opportunity to field an entirely individual armoury in every match. With enhanced worm customisation elements including masks, backpacks and custom power bars, and an extensive landscape editor, Worms: Battle Islands is full of features and has the potential to be a long lasting game for the PSP.

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