Shifty Keyboards Are A Good Thing

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Customizable peripherals – be they for consoles, computers, etc. – are lovely things.  I very much appreciate being able to take the hardware with which I interface physically the most and customize it to my liking. So, this new keyboard from SteelSeries definitely intrigues me.  This little gem will offer the ability to swap out keysets depending upon your desired gaming configuration.

It looks like SteelSeries listened to users with this one.  They’ve built it well with all the little niceties you could want in a keyboard (aside from being able to print money). Among other things, it boasts three customizable heights for the rubberized stands (meaning the keyboard won’t slide all over creation when you get a little overzealous with fragging someone); detachable wrist rest; differently weighted keys, making more frequently-used keys require less force to press; two USB ports, one of which is actually powered (a nice feature); and high-quality rubber domes for the keys to help extend their lives.

Multiple key inserts are available and tailored towards whatever game you’ll be playing.  From World of Warcraft to Medal of Honor, you’ll probably be able to find a customized keyset as long as it’s a popular game.  What I like most about the device is the fact that you can record macros on the fly.  Muscle memory is generally better than visual when you’re trying to record common actions, so being able to just hit record and press the keys like you normally would is far better than individually inputting each action on screen.

They’ve precision-built the thing all over, even down to the precise 4mm travel distance for keys.  Throw in some dedicated media keys, easily-removed keyset inserts, and the ability to switch layers (more than one function available for a given key) on-the-fly for the function keys and num pad and you’ve got a keyboard that is worth the $89.99 being asked for it.  It’ll be available soon so check it out at SteelSeries’ site.

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