Blood Stone Gives You Bond’s Touchier Side

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It may be a few more years till we see Daniel Craig sip another martini, but at least we can play as him, in Activision’s latest title, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, sets players up to take their best spy work, and promptly forget about the womanizing and insatiable alcoholism. Prompting you to focus more of your hand-to-hand combat skills, the game’s seamless transitions makes you feel like you’re reall apart of something epic, as sown in the latest trailer.


While the major focus will be your kung-fu grip and your ability to ebb and flow with the tide, there will be a fair bit of action with your ever popular PP7.With their new Focus System, you’ll be able to hone in on multiple opponents in a pinch, firing on them instantly in a slow motion shoot out. While the concept is fun, the worry could be seen as it will become something of Enter the Matrix was – where it was all lights and display, but no real substance. The proof will be in the pudding however, in the following weeks.

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