Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Set The Stage

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The time for rock is just around the corner, and with less than a month before release, it’s time for all of the would-be warriors to prepare their finger exercises, and get their all-Rush mix-tapes ready. With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock setting the stage with eight unique performers, with totally unique abilities to help get you through the game, there’s just a slim possibility that you may want to see some more footage, before you pick it up.

Thankfully Activision was kind enough to send over the launch video a little early, to give all you perfectionists something to work towards. Showing off the characters, the music, and the graphics  the video adds it on. Another little interesting addition that we have yet to talk about is the free inclusion of the new Soundgarden, when you pre-order the game and guitar. Though you have to be a Soundgarden fan, the album is getting great pre-reviews, so it’s all the more reason to upgrade early.

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