Dear Mobile Carriers: I Get To Decide What Apps Are On My Phone, Not You

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This post goes out to all the major mobile phones carriers out there, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and all the rest of them. When it comes to mobile phones perhaps the most important single feature is application memory. Most phones have only a precious bit of it (iPhone excluded) and because of that folks have to be very careful how they use it. That task is already hard enough to do without you guys pushing tons of useless applications to our phones.


Love apps, I just want to decide which ones are on my phone (iPhone only one that gets it right)

Now I understand that there are applications that you may think I need or would like and you want to be nice about it and push it down to my phone for me. While this only slightly annoys me, I could get past that. What is unacceptable is when you push applications to my phone that save rooting my phone I cannot uninstall. Who are you as my wireless service provider to decide what apps will and will not take up space on my phone?

I know this happens on all the carriers, but since I am a Verizon customer I will pick on them. Verizon pushes ton of useless things to my phone with every update it seems. In case Verizon wanted to know, I don’t want or need Slacker Radio, I don’t even listen to music on my phone. I don’t want NFL Mobile, I am a football fan but that wouldn’t be the app I downloaded to follow my games. I don’t by default need Skype, maybe I want it and maybe I don’t but let me decide. The list goes on and on and don’t even get me started on the monster that is the “My Account” app from Verizon.


We are picking on Verizon, but all the major carriers do it

All I am saying is that I am not a fan of forced software pushes to my phone and I am even less of a fan of ones that install things that I can’t uninstall. When I think about it I am surprised that no one has filed a lawsuit over this by now, you purchase the service and device and just like anything else you shouldn’t be forced to have your phone resources used up by applications that you carrier thought would be useful. It’s one thing if the phone maker or the OS maker installs things that you can’t uninstall, but the carriers have no reason to have that much power and control over a device that you own. HeckĀ  computer companies pre-load you computer with tons of bloatware but the key difference with those if that if I want to I can just install them, wonder if mobile carriers can take a hint?

So all I am saying to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and any other carrier that does this is, can I please have my phone back? Can I as the customer be given complete control back to decide what applications I have on my phone? To folks on other carriers, what is some of the useless crap they push to your phone?

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