Droid X Froyo 2.2 Update – Come On Verizon And Motorola

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It seems like the Froyo update has been out forever. Yet, we are still anticipating and wondering when some devices, like the Droid X, will be updated to the latest Android OS. For Droid X owners, you’ve been teased and promised so much. So what’s going on? It seems like the HTC Droid Incredible story all over again. Sure they said by “the end of summer”, but why make the faithful wait?

A number of users have been told that the update is rolling out. Who has received it Verizon? Where? Right now a lot of users are asking, “Should we just root? Is it Verizon, or is it Motorola? Why have the Droiddoes site running if the update has not been released yet?” Should we expect this with every Verizon Android update?

As you can see, all we want is a few questions answered. Mainly, when can we expect the actual rollout of the Froyo update to begin and be completed? And if that can’t be answered, what’s holding it up? Now if you have received the update, let us know! If not, have you rooted and or you thinking about rooting? Whenever the rollout starts we’ll be sure to let you know. We just hope it’s before Android 3.0/Gingerbread is released!

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