Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Has Faded Away

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iphone4caseListen! Can you hear it? Nope! No one is really talking about the iPhone 4’s antenna issue anymore. Antenna-gate or attenuation has basically subsided in our minds. But why? Why has a problem that caused Consumer Reports to not recommend the iPhone drifted away so easily?

My answer can be summed up into 10 reasons, which were given by eWeek.

1.      The cases actually work

2.      Maybe it wasn’t so widespread

3.      People have learn to live with it

4.      Apple’s grand distraction

5.      Other phones have the same problem

6.      Time heals all wounds

7.      The iPhone offers other benefits of ownership

8.      The iPad is starting to rule the day

9.      Android market shares keeps coming up

10.  Steve Jobs played it perfectly

What do you think? If you currently own the iPhone 4, is one or more of the reasons valid for you? If you don’t own a iPhone what do you think as well. Hit up our comments and let us know! Also for in-depth reasoning on each of these ten, hit up eWeek’s source link at the bottom.

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