Another Lawsuit For Google, Skyhook Wireless

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Skyhook Wireless has filed a lawsuit against Google with claims that they altered ongoing business deals between Motorola and Skyhook, as well as another unnamed handset maker, which ended up costing Skyhook tens of millions of dollars.

Skyhook is stating that Google informed Motorola that they would not approve of any Motorola Android phones that shipped with Skyhook’s location technology, which caused Motorola to switch to Google’s technology. Here’s an excerpt from the complaint, “Though Google claims the Android OS is open source … Google is effectively creating a closed system with respect to location positioning.”

So yeah we know some of you are saying, “Everyone is trying to sue Google”, while others are saying, “That’s good”. Whether it’s legit, will hold up, or will be settled, we don’t know. For now, we are waiting on comments from either Google or Motorola. As soon as we know, you’ll know. Stay tuned!

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