[Updated] Shadow Of The Damned Announced And Outlined

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What would happen if you put the creative director from No More Heroes, the production designer from the Resident Evil series, and then threw in the guy that was the composer for Silent Hill for just one day? Chances are, they would end up playing cards or a board game… but thankfully for you, they teamed up to create this delightful piece of action horror, dropping in the near 2011.

Combining Suda51’s, Shinji Mikami’s, and Akira Yamaoka’s inventive skill in their respected areas, they have come up with Shadows of the Damned, an action gane that takes players in literal hell, to have their love. “Dante’s Inferno” aside, the premise seems workable: playing as demon hunter Garcia, you track down demons that have stolen your girlfriend in a revenge attempt. it sounds corny, yet it may be that little twinge of nostalgic humor that will help turn the game around. Still, between EA’s last endeavor into the dark underworld, it’s hard to see how this will pan out.

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