You Can Now ‘PlayOn’ On The iPad

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Recently, MediaMall Technologies announced that they released an update for their premium subscription service that enabled iPad compatibility.  PlayOn allows you to stream Internet content from a connected PC running the PlayOn media server to any PlayOn-enabled device.

In an age of Netflix and Hulu, why would anyone want to pay for streaming media service?  PlayOn’s service contains a library that includes content from Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, CBS, MTV, Spike TV, and others.  Read on for more.PlayOn offers a free 14-day trial, after which you can choose to either pay the first year’s fee ($39.99) and then a lower fee ($19.99) every following year – or a one time lifetime subscription for $79.99.  None of those are bad deals considering the sources PlayOn has aggregated into its offerings.

That said, this latest update bringing PlayOn to the iPad makes plenty of sense.  The device has an ideal screen for watching video and it’s only logical to offer streaming service to an Internet-connected device, especially one as popular as the iPad.  It will stream over both 3G and wifi, something that other services can be restrictive about (cellular networks being what they are and all).

So, if you have an iPad and feel like giving it a whirl, head on over to PlayOn and see what they have to offer.

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